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Serene Guardian Angelite Bracelet for Peace & Awareness!

Serene Guardian Angelite Bracelet for Peace & Awareness!

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Experience a profound sense of peace and heightened awareness with our Serene Guardian Angelite Bracelet. This bracelet features smooth, soothing beads of Angelite, a crystal revered for its ability to promote tranquility and enhance spiritual awareness.

This listing is for one (1) bracelet (about 1.25") and will arrive with a leaf of white sage and a card describing the properties of the crystal.

Angelite, with its gentle blue hues, is known as a stone of peace and tranquility. It is believed to facilitate communication with higher realms and promote a deep sense of inner peace. Wearing this bracelet allows you to carry the calming energies of Angelite with you, creating a harmonious atmosphere around you.

Let the Serene Guardian Angelite Bracelet be a reminder of your inner strength and the peaceful energies that surround you. Embrace the heightened awareness and allow it to guide you towards a state of serenity and spiritual connection. Experience the soothing embrace of Angelite and carry a sense of calm wherever you go.

Chakra: Third Eye & Throat

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Properties: Angelite, formed from Celestite, represents peace and brotherhood. Enhancing telepathic communication and conscious contact with the angelic realm.  Enables out-of-body journeys to take place while still in contact with every day reality. 

A powerful stone for healers it deepens attunement, heightens perception and provides protection for the environment or the body. Angelite has been used to enhance Astrological understanding and to bring deeper understanding of mathematics.  Transmutes disorder into order. 

Crystal System: Orthorhombic



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