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Crystals by the Sea LLC

Tranquil Turquoise Howlite 8mm Bead Crystal Bracelet

Tranquil Turquoise Howlite 8mm Bead Crystal Bracelet

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Introducing our Tranquil Turquoise Howlite 8mm Bead Bracelet, a beautifully crafted piece featuring smooth, round beads of calming Turquoise Howlite. This bracelet exudes a serene energy, inviting a sense of peace and balance into your life.

This listing is for (1) one bracelet that comes perfectly packaged with a sage leaf and card describing the crystal properties.

Turquoise Howlite, with its gentle blue-green hues, is known for its ability to promote inner calm and mental clarity. It offers a respite from the demands of daily life, allowing you to find a moment of stillness within. The 8mm beads provide a comfortable fit while maintaining the natural beauty and soothing properties of Turquoise Howlite.

Wearing this bracelet is like carrying a piece of tranquility with you throughout the day. Let the calming energies of Turquoise Howlite guide you towards a state of inner harmony and well-being. Embrace the serenity and allow it to wash over you, providing a moment of peace amidst the busyness of life. Experience the soothing embrace of the Tranquil Turquoise Howlite 8mm Bead Bracelet, and carry a piece of tranquility wherever you go


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