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Pink Himalayan Salt Hearts for purifying your space & more...

Pink Himalayan Salt Hearts for purifying your space & more...

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Pink Himalayan salt releases negative ions and purifies the air. Our modern environment is saturated with dust, pollutants, dirt and allergens all which carry a positive charge. The salt helps keep the air around you cleansed and balanced.

Placing Himalayan salt crystals throughout a room and using them for salt therapy has also been known to help with a number of ailments, such as lung and sinus issues, skin problems and allergies. Simply place the Pink Himalayan Heart crystal anywhere in your space to provide a gentle air cleansing. These crystals when exposed to moisture in the air will "bleed" salt so I recommend placing on a dish to protect furniture.

Another way to use your Pink Himalayan Heart is as a natural deodorant alternative. Simply dampen the crystal after bathing and gently rub the armpit area.  Once dried apply your favorite natural deodorant, or go without and your set for the day! The salts help to neutralize odor causing bacteria. If you have sensitive skin this may cause a slight stinging sensation on freshly shaved areas. Please use caution. Adding your favorite natural deodorant following the Pink Himalayan rub will add a moisturizing, soothing effect to counteract any temporary irritation.  

DescriptionThis listing includes one (1) Pink Himalayan Heart (approx. 3x3.5").  Yours will arrive lovingly packaged with a card describing the properties of the crystal.

Note: Pink Himalayan hearts are safe to rinse and dry, just do not leave in water for long periods of time. If using in the bath/shower as an exfoliant be aware it can cause scratching of the skin due to sharp pieces being exposed as well as very sharp edges developing as the salt heart melts with exposure to hot water over time.   



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