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Crystals by the Sea LLC

Peridot & Moldavite Earrings for Healing, LOVE & Spiritual Growth!

Peridot & Moldavite Earrings for Healing, LOVE & Spiritual Growth!

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Wear peridot to help bring healing and love into your life! Peridot aligns with the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras and with the added crystal of Moldavite this powerful combination is sure to enhance your life! Moldavite, is said to be 15 million years old and formed after a meteorite hit planet earth in the Bohemian Bandwidth in Czech Republic. This moss green crystal is said to hold magical properties helping one's spiritual growth develop at an extremely fast pace. Put these earrings on and hang on to your seat!!! Be prepared for doors to open and your life to begin shifting. The loving energy of Peridot will help balance this growth so you can handle all that comes your way. ⁠

Part of growing spiritually is self-love and self-healing. Looking at your shadow side, allowing yourself to SEE who you truly are and bring the light into the darkness. By illuminating your shadow side you merge together in a unique balance, into who YOU really are!⁠

💚Welcome to YOU!!! 💚⁠

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