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Rainbow Moonstone earrings for Release!

Rainbow Moonstone earrings for Release!

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Moonstone holds the mysteries of the Full Moon!  Gaze into the shimmering pearly veil & tell me what YOU see.  Start working with Rainbow Moonstone to go deep and reach your inner self. Collaborate with the Full Moon and begin your journey to spiritual transformation & growth! 

The Full Moon is the most powerful luna phase of all the moon cycles. During the Full Moon it's a time for realization & fulfillment, review & release.  Realize & give thanks for your accomplishments, stay positive and celebrate all that has manifested for you. Acknowledge that which is still in the works and make the necessary tweeks needed at this time. Most importantly review & release what no longer serves you.  Let the energies of Rainbow Moonstone help ease your emotional body as you work through this process of review & release. 

Wear these iridescent Rainbow Moonstone earrings during the Full Moon as you review your intentions and make your adjustments. Remember the Law of Gestation or Divine Timing which is the belief that everything will manifest in divine time.  When we plant a seed we need to allow it time to germinate and sprout!  Your dreams are sprouting!!! 

Moonstone crystals love to soak up the lunar energy of the Full Moon! Set yours out each month to cleanse & re-energize.




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