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Crystals by the Sea

Angelite Dolphin carving- Harness the Power of the Dolphin- Breath & Sound

Angelite Dolphin carving- Harness the Power of the Dolphin- Breath & Sound

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Angelite represents peace and aligns with the Throat Chakra helping you to speak your truth and be more accepting. 

Dolphins have a rhythm to their breathing, are associated with water and bring a symbol of new dimensions and forces through breath.  Water is the symbol of creation and passion, the element of all life and so it breath.  

Learning to use breath like a dolphin can be extremely beneficial. For example, tension and stress can be released with breath work. People with lung and breathing issues can benefit greatly by aligning themselves with Dolphin medicine.  Angelite brings the energies of the Throat Chakra helping us to set healthy boundaries and speak our truth.   

Angelite crystal also aligns with the angelic realm and assists with telepathic communications and journeying.  A powerful crystal for healers, it provides protection and deepens attunement. 

If the Dolphin totem has shown up for you, ask yourself what are your thoughts and words creating for you? Meditate with your Dolphin totem, tapping into what Dolphins can teach, as well as, calling on the your angels for guidance.

To Use: Hold during meditation, place on the throat chakra or place in sacred space or on your altar.   

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