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Labradorite tumbled stones

Labradorite tumbled stones

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Labradorite is a relative of Moonstone, is a popular mineral and a member of the feldspar family. It is composed of layers that refract light in iridescent flashes in beautiful colors of blues, greens, coppers and gold.   

Labradorite is considered to be the 'Stone of Transformation' and prepares the body and soul for the ascension process.  This protective stone raises consciousness and deflects unwanted energies from the aura, preventing energy leakage. A useful stone during times of change, imparting strength and perseverance. 

This listing is for one (1) Labradorite tumbled stone. I offer 3 sizes, small, medium or large to choose from.  Yours will arrive with a single sage leaf and a card describing the properties of the crystal.



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