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Serpentine Snake carving- Harness the Power of the Snake - Transformation

Serpentine Snake carving- Harness the Power of the Snake - Transformation

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Chakra: Crown & Heart

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Planet: Saturn

Properties: Serpentine snake for transformative energy! Serpentine crystal has a very snake like energy, helping you shed what doesn't serve you anymore and helps you grow into the person you are meant to be to fulfill your full potential.  The snake totem help one overcome fear and to take the action needed for transformation. 

Aligned with the Egyptian Goddess Wadget, a half cobra half woman goddess who is known as the protector of children and peace leaders.

A strong healing crystal, Serpentine helps the flow of energy in the meridians within the body and assists with activating the Kundalini energy.   

In the past, Serpentine has been used as a protection stone to scare away evil spirits or anyone with ill wishes, gossip and false friends. Shields from cons-artists and people with ill-intentions. 

Helps you to follow your heart and find peaceful solutions in troubling times.

To Use: Hold during meditation, place on the heart chakra or place in sacred space or on your altar.   

Crystal System: Monoclinic

Description: This listing is for one (1) Serpentine Snake carving (approx 2") and will arrive with a leaf of white sage and a card describing the properties of the crystal.



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