We believe in the softer, more gentle healing energy of crystals that aligns the chakras and balances the energy of the human body. By understanding and working with the energy fields surrounding the human body, we strive to help balance the etheric energy field before issues manifest in the physical body.

Our passion lies in sourcing the finest crystals for healing purposes, whether it be for meditation, wearing or placing in a room to enhance the energy of the space. The Earth is a wondrous place, and we are constantly fascinated by the crystalline structures and sacred geometry that underpin everything in this magical world.

We are committed to bringing the healing energy of crystals to those who seek a more gentle approach to self-care. We understand that there are times when Western medical practices are necessary, and we encourage everyone to educate themselves on their healthcare options.

Our Founder

Crystals by the Sea was founded by Tracey Pregon when she learned that sharing her own healing and awakening journey is the key to inspiring others who need healing themselves.

That’s why Tracey started using holistic healing methods such as crystal energy, aromatherapy, yoga and more. As she searched far and wide, learned new healing techniques and began energy work, she felt called to share her knowledge with others.

Tracey is passionate about sourcing authentic gemstones from all over the world and she hand-picks each piece.

We want to be your #1 source for education on the use of crystals in everyday life for holistic healing of mind, body & soul!

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"An interesting thing happened while working with the crystal Moldavite...it woke my senses up to feel the energy of the crystals. This in turn lead to a life filled with crystals and a service to the community on helping others understand the energy of crystals, how they help balance the chakras in the auric field and how to use them for holistic healing."

- Tracey

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