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Lepidolite Soothing Stones

Lepidolite Soothing Stones

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Lepidolite relieves anxiety, worry, sadness & depression bringing emotional relief and peace of mind! It's the first crystal I recommend for depression and anxiety. Lepidolite is a form of mica and is used medically to treat gout (an inflammation of joints) and depression & anxiety. Working with Lepidolite crystals provides a more gentle way of getting the same energies. These Lepidolite soothing stones are great to use in meditation and I like working with sets of 2, one for each hand. If you need to reconnect with yourself, need more sleep and less worry then Lepidolite is the crystal for you! 

This listing is for one (1) Lepidolite soothing stone measuring approx 1.5" by 1 3/4" in size. You order will arrive lovingly wrapped, cleansed with white sage and ready for use.

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