Carnelian is a Healing Crystal with a Focus to Energize You and Ignite Your Creativity

Carnelian is a Healing Crystal with a Focus to Energize You and Ignite Your Creativity

Carnelian is a fiery orange stone that connects to the Sacral Chakra. It represents harmony, creativity & energy. It will ignite your creative spark and give you the courage to reach your goals. It is a stone that encourages individuality and a connection to your imagination. Decorate your home with these beautiful pieces but keep Carnelian out of the bedroom as it is the stone of energy and too high of a vibration for peaceful sleep.

Carnelian Healing Crystal-Crystals by the Sea

Using Carnelian in Healing Work and Color Therapy 

Carnelian is unique in its ability to give you creativity in expression. Its warm colors also help to increase your self-esteem and ability to socialize. If you ever need a stone to get you out of your shell, the carnelian is the one to choose. 

It also helps with recalling past lives. It is useful in healing work and will assist with helping you remember past life memories that create blockages for your current life. By working with Carnelian in meditation you can observe, love & release these blockages taking the lessons with you. Simply sit in meditation with your carnelian either in the palms of your hands or placed around you. Tap into the energy of this healing stone and be open to receive any images or messages to help you with your current situation.

Carnelian Crystal Healing-Crystals by the Sea

Carnelian Increases Happiness

Carnelian’s warm orange color provides color therapy in the form of elevating your mood. The orange color increases energy in the Sacral Chakra. It stimulates creative thinking and activities. As you engage in your imagination, you increase dopamine in your brain. Doing this then produces more feelings of happiness. 

Keep a piece of carnelian with you to activate the stone’s ability to encourage more happiness. You can also infuse the stone with the feeling of happiness. When you need that pick-me-up, hold onto the stone, and think about feeling happy and allow the energies to ignite this feeling within you.

Choosing Carnelian

Choose a piece of carnelian that resonates with you. The most common form of carnelian is a tumbled stone. It is easy to take with you and keep in your pocket. You can also place a piece of carnelian on your desk or near your workspace.



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