Smudging: A Ritualistic Practice to Cleanse & Purify

Smudging: A Ritualistic Practice to Cleanse & Purify

Smudging is a ritualistic practice that involves burning specific herbs, often sage, to cleanse and purify a space or person energetically. It is commonly associated with various indigenous cultures, particularly those of Native American traditions, but similar practices can be found in other cultures around the world.

During a smudging ceremony, the smoke from the burning herbs is wafted around a space, object, or person using a feather or one's hand. The intention is to clear away negative or stagnant energy, allowing for a fresh, positive energy to take its place.

Sage is one of the most commonly used herbs for smudging due to its purifying properties. However, other herbs such as cedar, sweetgrass, and palo santo are also used in different traditions.

It's important to approach smudging with respect for the cultural and spiritual significance it holds for the communities that practice it.

Crystals pick up energy from the surrounding area and from being handled.  When you receive your crystals, it’s a good practice to smudge them, in addition to smudging on a regular basis to keep your crystals cleanse and charged.  

Please use precautions when burning any products for smudging.  It is recommended to use a fireproof surface such as an abalone shell. 

To smudge- 

Using any of the above mentioned items-

  • Light one end & blow the flame out
  • Place the item in an abalone shell or other fireproof dish to prevent ashes from flying around
  • Hold the crystal in the smoke & turn the crystal around in the smoke to get all sides, notice how the smoke encircles the crystal or move around the auric field (located a few inches from the physical body)
  • Be sure to set your intention on cleansing and charging the crystal/auric field
  • Once the smoke stops encircling the crystal, it’s cleansed. For the auric field moving the smoke around front and back will suffice
  • Once finished, snuff out the sage or stick 
  • Thank the plant for its medicine to complete the cleansing ritual

Commonly used for smudging: 

Sagebrush (confusingly, the “sage” used in most smudge sticks, is not culinary sage but sagebrush): transforms energy and brings change.
Sage (the culinary herb): brings wisdom and is calming and healing.
Sweetgrass: attracts positive energy.
Lavender: restores balance and creates a peaceful atmosphere. Lavender also attracts loving energy and spirits.
Cedar: deeply purifying, especially for clearing negative emotions and for healing and as a way to attract positive energy. Also used to bless a home before taking residence there, a tradition dating back to the Northwest and Western Canadian Native Americans, and believed to aid clairvoyance, revive the tired mind, body, and spirit, and stimulate contact with other worlds.
Mugwort: stimulates psychic awareness and prophetic dreams. It also banishes evil spirits.
Juniper: used to purify and create a safe and sacred space.
Rosemary: a powerful healer that brings clarity to problems. 


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