Smudging Ritual

Smudging Ritual

Crystals pick up energy from the surrounding area and from being handled.  When you receive your crystals, it’s a good practice to smudge them, in addition to smudging on a regular basis to keep your crystals cleanse and charged.  You can also regularity smudge your auric field to cleanse & remove negative energy. Typically, White Sage is used for cleansing negative energies and Palo Santo is used to attract positive energies.

There are several options for smudging, a few examples are Palo Santo, Black Sage (Mugwort), Sweetgrass and Salvia Apiana, aka White Sage.  White Sage is the preferred method due to its bacteria fighting properties. Please use precautions when burning any products for smudging.  It is recommended to use a fireproof surface such as an abalone shell. 

To smudge- 

Using any of the above mentioned items-

  • Light one end & blow the flame out
  • Place the item in an abalone shell or other fireproof dish to prevent ashes from flying around
  • Hold the crystal in the smoke & turn the crystal around in the smoke to get all sides, notice how the smoke encircles the crystal or move around the auric field (located a few inches from the physical body)
  • Be sure to set your intention on cleansing and charging the crystal/auric field
  • Once the smoke stops encircling the crystal, it’s cleansed. For the auric field moving the smoke around front and back will suffice
  • Once finished, snuff out the sage or stick 
  • Thank the plant for its medicine to complete the cleansing ritual    IG: @CrystalsbytheSeaLLC


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