Citrine is a Healing Crystal Primarily used to Stimulate the Flow of Positive Energy

Citrine is a Healing Crystal Primarily used to Stimulate the Flow of Positive Energy

The Citrine healing crystal offers the frequency of a yellow color which works to heal the solar plexus chakra. One thing that you can expect from using this healing crystal is that it will stimulate the flow of positive energy! It will work to give you positive energies in the form of vibrations that you can feel throughout your body. 

Citrine Crystal Healing-Crystals by the Sea

Chakra:  Citrine is a healing crystal that associates with the Solar Plexus. 

Using Citrine in Healing Work and Color Therapy 

Citrine is a powerful motivator for confidence and stabilizing thoughts and emotions. It helps to provide energy to get things done. Citrine’s bright yellow color gives your energy a boost to do what you need to despite fear. 

In healing work and color therapy, yellow stimulates feelings of happiness. It also brings benefits of the flow of positive energy and helps improve your energy levels. Because of this, you will be able to feel more energetic. You may find that you have more energy around you, both physical and mental.

Citrine as Decor

Citrine's natural form is as a cluster and points. The clusters provide a natural stone to place anywhere in your home. It also comes in the form of free-standing cathedrals. 

Some independent artists create tables using cathedrals or large points of citrine. Gemstone trees also use citrine. You can place these in your home or give as a gift to call in prosperity. 

Lighting and ceiling fixtures like lamps and chandeliers use citrine in decorative pieces. You could have a free-standing cathedral of citrine in the form of a lamp. Citrine is also makes into candle holders for tea light candles.  A beautiful way to bring in the natural elements of mother earth.

Citrine Increases Happiness and Creativity

Citrine provides the energy of happiness and improves your creativity. It is a helpful crystal to keep on your desk while working as it provides a sense of protection that allows space for your creativity. If you feel vulnerable, then keep citrine nearby to enjoy the process of what you are working on more. 

Choosing Citrine

Citrine makes a great take-with-you stone. You can carry the points and tumbled stones in your pocket. If you want a decorative stone, choose a cluster of citrine to place on your desk while at work. Citrine comes in light yellow to a darker, almost brown color. Choose one that makes you feel a connection with your inner strength and happiness.



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