Black Tourmaline Crystal Healing-Crystals by the Sea

Black Tourmaline is a Powerful Healing Crystal Known for Grounding and Protecting from Negative Energy

Black Tourmaline Crystal Healing - Crystals by the Sea

Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone that connects one to mother earth providing a grounding and centering feeling.  It is used for dispelling negative energy, keeping ghosts from your home, getting rid of dark energy and providing psychic protection. Place one piece at the 4 corners of your home, either indoors or buried outside of the home to create a energetic protection grid. It also helps to cleanse your aura, returning you to your spiritual self. 

Using Black Tourmaline in Healing Work and Color Therapy 

Using Black Tourmaline in healing work is helpful to ground your energy. It helps to establish and maintain a connection with your body and the earth plane. Through using black tourmaline, you can recover lost emotions giving you back a sense of empowerment. It lends its strength to you so that you can feel whole again.

Try using black tourmaline in meditation sessions where you hold it at the base of your Root Chakra. Feeling the vibration of the stone allows its energy to come into your energy, moving up your spine. It can create a Kundalini type of energy. This energy will dispel all negative energy and emotions from your body. 

Black Tourmaline as Decor or Jewelry

Black Tourmaline often comes in the raw form. It can be a standalone crystal that you place in your home for decoration. It also comes in the form of a tumble stone. Carvings of black tourmaline include pyramids, obelisks, disks, gazing stone, skulls, and other decor.

The raw stone is usually wire wrapped and added to a necklace to wear throughout your day. It brings a sense of protection along with it. Black tourmaline uses in jewelry include bracelets and rings. 

Black Tourmaline Increases Purity and Protection

Use Black Tourmaline to clear your aura of negative energies. It will help in releasing toxic people and situations from your energy. It also helps with releasing blockages within your energy fields. Use the stone while meditating or journaling. It raises your awareness of the blockages in your body. You can return to your spiritual self with the aid of black tourmaline.

It also helps increase your protection and strengthen your auric field. It can make you invisible to psychic attacks and help in dispelling them. Keep a stone of Black Tourmaline with you while working or at social gatherings. It is helpful if you expect negative people to be there. 

Choosing Black Tourmaline

It is easy to choose a Black Tourmaline stone. Most of the raw stones look the same and they come in many different sizes. You can choose a raw or tumbled stone to keep with you or place in your home. Choose a piece of jewelry to take with you when you need it. You can also choose a larger piece of raw black tourmaline or a carved piece in your home or on your desk.



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