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7 Chakra Shungite & Quartz Pendulum

7 Chakra Shungite & Quartz Pendulum

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This pendulum is well balanced with a Clear Quartz sphere on the top, Shungite hexagon in the middle and a Clear Quartz point on the bottom.  The Shungite has 7 crystals on the face representing the 7 main chakras; root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.

When working with pendulums you begin by holding the chain in one hand over the index finger allowing the pendulum to hang with between 4-6" of chain.  Start the pendulum off with a swing to give it some momentum.  Ask it to show you YES then allow 30+ seconds for the pendulum to show you what yes is for you.  Once this is complete ask it to show you NO.  This may need a little bit more time as it will need to change directions.  For me, yes is back and forth and no is a clockwise circle.  Undecided appears as a shaking motion.  

Keep questions to yes or no answers for the best outcome and enjoy the experience!

Pendulum measures approximately 3" and chain measures approximately 7.5".  Sizes may vary slightly.


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