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Intuition-Enhancing Amazonite Tumbled Stone: Embrace Inner Wisdom

Intuition-Enhancing Amazonite Tumbled Stone: Embrace Inner Wisdom

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Elevate your spiritual journey with the empowering Amazonite tumbled stone, renowned for its ability to enhance intuition and inner wisdom. This exquisite gem, with its soothing blue-green hues, resonates with energies that inspire clarity and insight.

This listing for one (1) Amazonite tumbled stone (approx 1/2" to 2") and will arrive with a single white sage leaf and a card describing the properties of the crystal.

Amazonite acts as a bridge to the deeper realms of intuition, allowing you to tap into your inner knowing and trust your instincts. Whether used in meditation, energy work, or simply carried with you, this tumbled stone serves as a powerful tool for honing your intuitive abilities.

Embrace the tranquil energy of Amazonite and allow it to guide you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. Let this stone be a steadfast companion on your path to greater insight and spiritual growth. Elevate your intuition and embrace the wisdom that lies within with the Intuition-Enhancing Amazonite Tumbled Stone.

Protects against electromagnetic pollution.

Crystal system: Triclinic

Chakra: Third Eye, Throat & Heart chakras

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Planet: Uranus



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