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Serenity Blooms Amethyst & Lava Aromatherapy Bracelet With Lotus Flower Charm

Serenity Blooms Amethyst & Lava Aromatherapy Bracelet With Lotus Flower Charm

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Elevate your senses with our Serenity Blooms Aromatherapy Bracelet, featuring the serene fusion of Amethyst and Lava stones, adorned with a graceful lotus flower charm. This stretch bracelet, designed to fit all wrist sizes, combines the calming influence of Amethyst with the grounding essence of Lava stones for a harmonious blend that promotes balance and tranquility.

This listing is for one (1) Amethyst & Lava Aromatherapy bracelet.

Amethyst, known for its soothing purple hues, is revered for its ability to foster inner peace and spiritual clarity. The porous Lava stones allow you to infuse your favorite essential oils, transforming this bracelet into a personal diffuser that envelops you in your chosen therapeutic fragrance throughout the day.

The lotus flower charm symbolizes enlightenment and renewal, serving as a beautiful reminder of the potential for growth and transformation within us all. Whether you seek a moment of respite from the daily hustle or a touchstone for grounding, our Serenity Blooms Aromatherapy Bracelet offers a sublime addition to your mindfulness practice. Embrace the harmonizing synergy of natural elements and experience a newfound sense of tranquility.

Amethyst is a beautiful healing stone. It is effective in reducing stress and anxiety. The natural purple color of amethyst is calming and soothing. Purple associates with the Crown Chakra. It is the color that connects with spirituality and consciousness.


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