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Invoke Frog energy to help with transformation, abundance & renewal!

Invoke Frog energy to help with transformation, abundance & renewal!

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🐸❤️🐸 Calling all frog lovers!!! 🐸❤️🐸

Is frog your spirit animal?  Do you tend to see frogs all around?  If so, the frog is calling you!  Frogs, as a spirit animal, help us to cleanse, transform and prepare for metamorphosis, abundance & ancient wisdom.  Frog energy helps you skillfully handle situations, life changes and new beginnings.  New beginnings may come in many forms, a new business, a new job or a new relationship.  Work with frog energy to help reveal your inner hidden talents and ancient wisdom.  Whatever it is you're calling in, frog energy is here to to show you the way! 

These little frogs are 2" long and 1 3/4" wide.  They go great in any room of the house, work wonderfully as an altar piece, can be held during meditation, or grid yourself in a circle of frogs for frog grid magic!  Love frog medicine!!!

Black Obsidian creates a shield around the auric field, protecting you from psychic attack and smog.  It helps ground you and stimulates growth on all levels. 

Red Jasper brings with it the properties of Jasper and Red Jasper. Jasper is known as the "supreme nurturer". It brings tranquility and wholeness during times of stress. It provides protection, is grounding and absorbs negative energy. Red Jasper is gently stimulating, stabilizes the aura, grounds energy and assists with dream recall when places under the pillow or on the nightstand. 

Grey Agate helps to see the bigger picture and focuses you on solutions rather than dwelling on the problem.  Agates are wonderful crystals for harmonising body, mind and spirit.  Agates cleanse and stabilize the aura, transforming negativity.

White Agate is the supreme pregnancy crystal.  It helps to protect mother and baby from harm, works to ease labor pains and morning sickness.  When you think of Agates think love, abundancy, wealth, acceptance, harmony, balance, appreciation and protection. 

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