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Natural Turquoise Howlite Chunk Crystal Bracelet for Calming

Natural Turquoise Howlite Chunk Crystal Bracelet for Calming

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Embrace the soothing energy of our Natural Turquoise Howlite Chunk Bracelet. Each chunk of Turquoise Howlite is a testament to the raw beauty of the Earth, showcasing calming blue-green hues with delicate marbling.

This listing is for (1) one bracelet that will come packaged with a sage leaf and card describing the crystal properties.

Turquoise Howlite is renowned for its calming properties, believed to promote inner peace and mental clarity. The natural, unaltered form of these chunks allows you to connect directly with the stone's tranquil energy.

Wear this bracelet as a symbol of serenity and allow the grounding energies of Turquoise Howlite to provide a sense of calm and balance throughout your day. Each chunk carries the essence of nature's beauty, inviting you to find peace amidst the chaos. Experience the raw, untamed elegance of Turquoise Howlite with every glance at your wrist.


All Crystals by the Sea products are made with hand-picked authentic crystals.

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