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Radiant Faceted Agate Crystal Bracelet with Rectangular Beads

Radiant Faceted Agate Crystal Bracelet with Rectangular Beads

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Elevate your style with our Radiant Agate Facets Bracelet, featuring exquisite faceted Agate crystals in rectangular bead shapes. This bracelet is a celebration of the natural beauty and unique patterns that Agate brings to your adornment.

This listing is for (1) one bracelet that comes complete with a sage leaf and descriptive card about the crystal properties.

Agate, known for its mesmerizing banding and wide range of earthy hues, is revered for its stabilizing and grounding properties. The faceted cut of these crystals adds an extra dimension of brilliance, creating a captivating play of light. This bracelet is a statement piece that not only complements your style but also provides a tactile connection to the Earth's energy.

Adorn your wrist with the Radiant Agate Facets Bracelet and let its captivating sparkle be a source of inspiration and grounding in your everyday life. Embrace the natural allure and let it radiate positive energies, providing you with a sense of stability and harmony. Allow the radiant energies of Agate to accompany you on your journey towards balance and well-being.


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