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Kyanite in Matrix

Kyanite in Matrix

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Chakra: Throat

Zodiac Sign: Aires, Taurus & Libra

Properties: These natural Blue Kyanite raw pieces in matrix align with the Throat Chakra & assist with self-expression and communication.  Place these where you will be able to enjoy every day to harness the calming energies of Blue Kyanite and to speak your truth with eloquence! 

To Use: These signature pieces are perfect to display in your crystal collection or on a bookshelf, desk or table.   🌟✨💫✨🌟

Crystal System: Triclinic

Description: This listing is for one (1) Raw Kyanite in Matrix piece, I offer 3 sizes medium, large and extra-large. Each piece will be lovingly packaged and arrive with a card describing the properties of the crystal for you. 

Medium - 1.56 lbs, Large- 3.18 lbs, Extra-large- 10.18 lbs



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