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Moss Agate tumbled stone to see your beauty!

Moss Agate tumbled stone to see your beauty!

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Chakra: Earth, Root, Sacral, Heart & Throat

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Planet: Mercury

Properties: In ancient times, Moss Agate was the gardener's talisman, refreshening the soul and aiding one to see all the beauty you behold. Work with Moss Agate to bring positive energy, abundance and quicken the manifestation process.

Moss Agate is the stone for midwives as it aids in their work as a birthing crystal lessening pain and ensuring a good delivery. It is a stone of new beginnings releasing spiritual blockages with ease. 

Moss Agate is a powerful crystal to work with during a breakup as it helps release old negative patterns and fears, calms stress, anxiety & worry allowing one to balance the emotions and lesson mood swings.

To Use: Carry in pocket or bra, wear in jewelry or hold/grid during meditation.

Crystal System: Trigonal

DescriptionThis listing is for one (1) Moss Agate tumbled stone (approx. .5"-1.25") and will arrive with a leaf of white sage and a card describing the properties of the crystal.



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