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Natural Super 7 Points for complete healing!

Natural Super 7 Points for complete healing!

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These Natural Super 7 raw points are absolutely incredible! A powerhouse tool & must have for your crystal collection.  Super 7 contains the magic of seven amazing crystals; amethyst, clear quartz, smoky quartz, rutile, lepidocrocite, cacoxenite and goethite. The combination of energy in these stones makes Super 7 a rare fine and I'm so excited to bring this powerful crystal to you straight from Brazil!

Super 7 is also known as Sacred Seven or the "Melody Stone" and is one of the few crystals that never needs cleansing or energizing.  It helps heal, balance and energize all 7 chakras and is associated with all 12 Zodiac signs. 

Working with Super 7 repeatedly will assist in expanding your consciousness & psychic skills, strengthen your spirituality and aid in mental clarity.  It is one of the most sought-after crystals for connecting to the spirit realm in meditation. 

This listing is for one (1) Natural Super 7 crystal offered in 4 different sizes; small, medium, large and extra large and will be lovingly packaged and arrive with a card describing the properties of the stone.



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