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Crystals by the Sea LLC

Pink Tourmaline raw crystals for finding true self-love!

Pink Tourmaline raw crystals for finding true self-love!

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Chakra: Heart & Earth

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Properties: Pink Tourmaline is known as the "Aphrodisiac Stone" helping attract love in the material and spiritual worlds.  However, before we can experience trust & true love in relationships we must first understand fully what SELF-LOVE means.  When we lack love for self, we cannot fully love others.  Work with Pink Tourmaline, preferably wearing over the heart chakra (or in your bra 😉) to help identify issues relating to trust in love and removing blockage in the auric field preventing you from fully experiencing self-love 💕. 

To do this, sit in meditation either holding Pink Tourmaline in your hands or gridding 5 pieces around yourself.  Focus on what does self-love mean to you.  Ask yourself the following questions; How do I show up for myself?  How do I set healthy boundaries? How do I speak about myself to others? How am I pampering myself when needed? Am I being my best friend? You will find in time the answers to these questions and more will begin to surface.  Some memories may be very painful and will bring on an overwhelming emotion.  Allow the emotions to come up.  Allow yourself to feel all the things; happy, sad, angry, stuck, frozen, cry, laugh, etc.  Experience whatever comes to the surface and see if you are able to look at the emotion/event without judgement.  Just see it. Accept it.  Allow it to be and see the lesson.  You may need to return several times before clearing certain blockages.  Following the meditations, always treat yourself with something pampering such as a cup of your favorite tea, a piece of chocolate, your favorite piece of fruit or a relaxing bath.  Feel good about the work you are doing and be KIND to yourself. ❤️ Once you work through this process a few times you will begin to understand what "self-love" really means.  This will in turn, radiate outward to all of your relationships. 

To UseCarry in pocket or bra, wear in jewelry or hold/grid during meditation.

Crystal System: Trigonal

DescriptionThis listing is for one (1) Pink Tourmaline raw crystal, your choice of 4 sizes; large, medium, small and extra-small (sizes range from .5" to 2") and will arrive with a leaf of white sage and a card describing the properties of the crystal.



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