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Siddhi Silvers

Rhodochrosite & Garnet Earrings for SELF-LOVE & strength!

Rhodochrosite & Garnet Earrings for SELF-LOVE & strength!

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This sweet pair of earrings brings the "Stone of Compassionate Heart" together with the "Stone of Strength" for a powerful combination to help heal the emotional body and old wounds.

Rhodochrosite energy is known for loving and compassionate vibrations bringing inner peace and self-love.  It's said you cannot love others until you love yourself first, and in order to love yourself, you need to do "the work" to heal the emotional body and release all of your old wounds. Rhodochrosite assists with emotional healing as the energies allow you to reach your full potential. 

Garnet, the Stone of Strength, is very connected to Earth energy, Goddess Pachamama.  Pachamama is a divine resource for helping transmute energy. In meditation, call on Pachamama and ask her to take from you what no longer serves you. Get ready to release all your old wounds and emotions holding you back from loving yourself. Garnets energy is not only protective but will also assist you with increasing your willpower and resisting all things negative.  It aligns with the Root Chakra, not surprising as this is one of the earth chakras and is connected with our basic instincts of feeling safe and secure. 

Wear these sweet earrings as you journey into meditation to begin your self healing process. Heal those wounds and set yourself free! 



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