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Rhodochrosite Slabs for inner peace & self-love!

Rhodochrosite Slabs for inner peace & self-love!

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These Rhodochrosite slabs will be a welcome addition to your crystal collection.  The medium and large come with a stand, giving you the choice of displaying the piece upright or lying flat. Add to your altar, your meditation space, your favorite bookshelf or a special place in your bedroom.

Known as the "Stone of Compassionate Heart", Rhodochrosite energy is known for gentle, loving and compassionate vibrations bringing inner peace and self-love.  It's said you cannot love others until you love yourself first, and in order to love yourself, you need to do "the work" to heal the emotional body and release all of your old wounds. Rhodochrosite energies assists with emotional healing allowing you to reach your full potential.

Multiple sizes to choose from. Find your's today!  



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