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Romantic Love's Heart Crystal Gift Set with Complimentary Quartz Point Ornament!

Romantic Love's Heart Crystal Gift Set with Complimentary Quartz Point Ornament!

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This beautiful heart centered crystal gift set is perfect for calling in love, romance & rekindling relationships. All you need to set up a Heart Chakra crystal grid. 💕💕💕

Set includes:

  • 1 Selenite Heart bowl
  • 3 Rose Quartz tumbled stones
  • 3 Rhodonite tumbled stones
  • 3 Desert Rose raw stones
  • 1 Rose Quartz Heart
  • 1 Smokey Quartz Generator
  • 1 Rose Petal Sage bundle
  • 1 Palo Santo stick

Complimentary with purchase 1 Quartz Point Ornament ($10.00 value) 

Experience the enchantment of love with our True Love's Heart Crystal Gift Set. This carefully curated collection features an array of captivating crystals and aromatic tools to enhance your spiritual journey and create a loving atmosphere.

Set the stage for positive energy and serenity with the Selenite Heart bowl, providing a sacred space for your crystals to rest and recharge. The three Rose Quartz tumbled stones radiate unconditional love, compassion, and emotional healing, while the Rhodonite tumbled stones promote harmony, forgiveness, and nurturing relationships.

Embrace the grounding energies of the Desert Rose raw stones, known for their ability to foster stability and personal growth. The Rose Quartz Heart serves as a powerful symbol of love, opening your heart chakra to invite more love and self-acceptance into your life.

Unleash the transformative energy of the Smokey Quartz Generator, perfect for grounding, protection, and releasing negative energies. Clear the energy in your space with the fragrant Rose Petal Sage bundle, which purifies and uplifts the atmosphere, promoting harmony and tranquility.

To further enhance your spiritual rituals, we've included a Palo Santo stick, a sacred wood renowned for its cleansing and uplifting properties.

This True Love's Heart Crystal Gift Set is not only a delightful treat for yourself but also a heartfelt gift for someone special. Each set is thoughtfully packaged, ensuring that each crystal arrives safely and ready to infuse your life with love, positivity, and transformative energies.

All Crystals by the Sea products are made with hand-picked authentic crystals.

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