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Shungite - Amazing Shungite tumbled stones

Shungite - Amazing Shungite tumbled stones

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Shungite is a black, lustrous, non-crystalline mineraloid consisting of more than 98% carbon and first located in a deposit near Shunga village (Karelia, Russia) where it gets its name.  Shungite has been reported to contain trace amounts of fullerenes.  A fullerene is a pure carbon molecule composed of at least 60 atoms of carbon (C60) that form a hollow, cage like structure. 

This crystal is perfect for healing on a cellular level, for detoxing from EMF's (electromagnetic frequencies), for purifying water, assisting with insomnia, can be used for grounding and root chakra energy. 


  1. For antioxidant and health benefits infuse your drinking water by placing the shungite directly in your water bottle (some carbon residue is normal).
  2. Shungite can be placed in the tank portion of your toilet bowl to keep the water and bowl clean.
  3. Carry in your pocket or purse for EMF (electromagnetic frequency) protection.
  4. Place next to your electronics (computer, television, cell phone, microwave etc.) for EMF (electromagnetic frequency) protection.
  5. Place under your pillow, under your bed or on your night stand for relief from insomnia.



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