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Crystals by the Sea LLC

Zodiac Bracelets to activate your sign energies!

Zodiac Bracelets to activate your sign energies!

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Aries -  Aragonite to see the big picture and aid in thinking outside the box. Green Aventurine for strong leadership and decisive action. Carnelian for enthusiasm, confidence and courage. Fire Agate for grounding and to prevent burnout. Garnet for vitality and endurance.
Taurus-   Aquamarine for courage to climb out of the hole, calms anger.  Aragonite for seeing the big picture and strengthening empathy. Malachite for change, breaking out of old ties and patterns. Rhodonite for dissolving resentment and bringing in self-love. Peridot for clearing resentments and ameliorating jealousy. Topaz for helping you let go with grace and ease. 
Gemini-  Aquamarine to calm the mind. Bloodstone for strength and vitality. Blue Agate to promote veracity. Chrysocolla to aid in communication. Moss Agate for persistence and grounding. Topaz to recharge your energy. Black Tourmaline for patience, protection and grounding.
Cancer-  Aquamarine to help express true emotions and bringing a soothing feeling. Chrysocolla to ameliorate touchiness and impart confidence. Garnet for realization of ambitions. Moonstone for serendipity and synchronicity. Pink Tourmaline for letting go of the past. Rhodonite to clear away the past and begin self healing through self-care/self-love 💕 .
Leo-  Carnelian for enthusiasm, confidence and courage. Bloodstone to bring dreams into fruition and gain clarity. Rhodochrosite to teach you the power runs through you. Rose Quartz healer of wounded dignity and mother stone of love, self love ❤️ .  Tiger Eye to assist you with confidence and bringing joy into your life. Topaz to assist with overcoming limitations.
Libra- Amethyst for cleansing your energy and auric field. Aquamarine for promoting tolerance and overcoming judgements. Bloodstone to reduce confusion and bring dreams to fruition. Carnelian confidence and to aid in decision making. Lapis Lazuli to imbue your life with lightness and joy and assist with inner knowing. Tiger Eye to draw attention to your own needs.
Virgo-  Blue Topaz to teach true service comes from the heart. Fluorite for clarity and mental enhancement. Moss Agate to boost awareness of positive qualities. Peridot to release old patterns and assist with perception. Black Tourmaline to overcome tendencies to be critical.
Scorpio-  Aragonite to promote flexibility of thought. Black Obsidian to dispel self-judgement and self-sabotage. Hawks Eye to widen visions and dissolve negative thought patterns. Malachite for transformation and to illuminate emotional blocks. Rhodochrosite for emotional healing and to enhance creativity. Turquoise for inner calm and enhancing intuition.
Sagittarius-  Garnet to aid in turning crisis into challenge. Labradorite for intuition and initiation of your imagination. Malachite for ruthless honesty. Topaz for inner wisdom and joy. Black Tourmaline to help facilitate tactfulness. Turquoise for self realization (all the answers are within). 😊 

This listing is for one (1) Zodiac bracelet.

Capricorn-  Aragonite for creativity and the power of manifestation. Black Obsidian to assist with authentic living from inner self. Fluorite for concentration and releasing judgements. Labradorite to see the magic and brightness of the inner being. Onyx for structure, organization and making wise decisions. Pietersite to help release mental conditioning and beliefs imposed by authority figures.
Aquarius-  Amethyst to draw off negative energies as well as calling in positive energies. Aquamarine to release from self-defeating behaviors. Bloodstone for healing, courage and a zest for life. Cyan Angelite for communication. Labradorite for magic and transformation. Moonstone for new beginnings and insomnia.
Pisces-  Amethyst for cleansing energies and calmness. Aquamarine for insight and clarity. Blue Lace Agate to manifest potential into reality. Bloodstone for rounding, healing and honoring your intuition. Kyanite to cut through illusion and confusion enabling you to speak your truth. Lepidolite for releasing addictions. 
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