Citrine bracelet for energy & creativity
Citrine bracelet for energy & creativity

Citrine bracelet for energy & creativity

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Citrine is derived from the French word citron, or lemon and is a powerful cleanser and regenerator that carries the power of the sun.  As such, it brings an energizing feeling to the wearer and assists in boosting stamina and physical energy. It helps with mental focus, productivity and creativity. Strengthening self-confidence and drawing energy from the sun this is one powerhouse of a crystal!

Never needing to be cleansed Citrine absorbs, grounds and transmutes negative energy. The lighter citrines are said to work with the physical body and the darker shades with the spiritual realm. Citrine is also a great crystal to wear when in group settings (work or personal) with disagreements as it assists with reversing self-destructive behaviors and patterns. It will aid with being open to hearing constructive criticism for growth and transformation and is best to wear in contact with the skin.

Citrine is an excellent stone for attracting abundance and should be programed to assist in manifesting your dreams and desires.  On a physical level it helps bring balance to the digestive system and works to regulate the liver and kidneys.

Description- This listing is for one (1) Citrine bracelet and will arrive with a single sage leaf and a card describing the properties of the crystal.